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oBeZyAnA bEz IzYaNa

creative flash cartoons animation production from Russia

We are TOONDRA animation studio (english version http://www.toondra.ru/en/index.php)

Studio makes creative flash cartoons animation.
Our works you can find here: http://www.toondra.ru/en/animation.htm

We already working with America, Australia, Austria, England, Italy, Finland and others countries.

Our animation awards:

Festival of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia AVANCA-2004 (Portugal), "Best music video of year" (RAMP2006),
TGSNT-IV People's Choice Award, "The best from animation" award and "The rising star" award on FNI(A) Awards-2007 Festival in Australia, Festival of Computer Art and Advertising ‘Gaura Days’ (Russia), MACHINISTA 2004 International Festival (Scotland), Festival of Computer Arts ‘Chaos Constructions’ (Russia), "Multimatograf" Festival (Russia), "Russia as seen by ypoung people" (Russia), design-action EGGSposition (Russia),"Silver Web" Internet Festival.

We are looking for an interesting and well payed animation projects and cooperation.


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It all looks cool but it's royaly screwing with my friend page. Maybe you could reformat it.
Sorry man :)
I did it. Check it up