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freelancing in toronto

toronto freelance
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Here is a place where companies and individuals can post freelance opportunities, and where Toronto freelancers can find work.

Those who make the post are responsible for the details of the freelance opportunity and should post a contact name and phone or e-mail address for more information.

Basic rules:
1 - play nice, use common sense
2 - discussions may be limited to only freelance opportunities, your qualifications as a freelancer, or issues relating to freelancing
3 - images should be no wider than 500p

Unless specified otherwise, any self-promotional posts will be added to the memory section under the following categories:

  • business services - virtual assistants, accountants, temp staffing, public relations

  • home services - cleaning/maid services, house painters, electricians, roofers, feng shui specialists

  • personal services - personal organisers, hair stylists, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, accupuncturists

  • programmers and techs - software developers, tech support, data recovery specialists, cell phone game developers

  • image designers - graphic designer, website designers, clothing designers, photographers

  • film, television, broadcasting - camera ops, producer, director, actors, extras, journalists

  • writers and editors - writers, tech writers, proofreaders, editors, translators

  • artisans - woodworkers, furniture makers, cobblers

  • music - musicians, producers, promoters, distributors

This list will change over time as we work out which categories we want to split things into. Please make suggestions so that it will be easier for those doing the hiring can find you more easily.

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