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being a lonely freelancer is yesterday's news!

We've opened a new space in Toronto that welcomes entrepreneurs and freelancers. Camaraderie is a coworking facility where freelancers can work and share office amenities such as wifi, boardroom, meeting space, coffee/tea, etc.

We just opened a few weeks ago and are still adding things as we go along, but we plan to add lockers, lockable filing cabinets, and once we wrangle Canada Post members can also have their mail delivered to our location as a professional business address. Moreover, coworking is a social way of working where entreprenerus and freelancers can interact with other creative folks at varying levels in their professional ventures, and perhaps even collaborate on projects together. You can be part of a great community while still maintainng your independence.

We're at 102 Adelaide St E, between Church and Jarvis, and our park view is second to none! Please stop in for a free day of coworking any time in March. You bring your laptop or other work implements and we provide the workspace and coffee/tea.
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